September 3rd 2011

We are proud to introduce a new shop Category - we are now selling handmade feather headbands, and feather fascinators by CHRISTA COLLINS!

I've seen Christa Collins perform many times with her band the Woolly Bandits and was always impressed with her unique style and powerful stage presence. She reminds me of once in a life time artists like David Bowie or the German rock queen Nina Hagen.

Christa Collins outfits, on or off stage, are always custom made by her and she usually perfects the outfit with a dazzling feather hair piece.

Impressed by Christa's creativity and skills I asked her if she possibly had some pieces for sale. The Christa Collins collection, that we are now offering at The Fashion Peepshop, is made of pieces she wore once during a stage performance and pieces especially created for this collection. Every feather fascinator, headband or clip is handmade by Christa Collins and guaranteed one of a kind! You'll be the only one wearing that piece.

We are also selling her single Woman Of Mass Destruction for 99cent as a download. Just cause it's THAT good and the music is part of who Christa Collins is.

To start shopping click here: CHRISTA COLLINS

August 11th 2011

The Peepshop is going through some changes at the moment. We started as a shop exclusively dedicated to everything PINUP but I want my shop to grow with me and in the recent month I decided that I want to present more than just the pinup side of me. My love for vintage fashion goes beyond the pin-up girl style. I adore the 60s with the A line mod dress and big graphic patterns. I enjoy boho style, hippie inspired fashion and I want to present things in my shop that don't fit into a category. I don't live in a niche and I don't want my shop to live in one either :)!

So bear with me while we revamp the PEEPSHOP into a place for all kinds of funky fashions and check back frequently! Thank you!

The first pinup topic I want to tackle is an essential to the burlesque style


Weather you never heard of nipple tassels or are maybe even afraid of them- today I'm gonna shed some light on your questions!

Do they hurt? How do you even put them on? What for??

Let me put it this way- Nipple Tassels are to your wardrobe what hot sauce is to your favorite food. Once you try them, you might find that they’re the secret ingredient you where looking for to spice things up a bit!

Nipple tassels can look spectacular as part of a lingerie set and aren’t going to do anything horrible to your tender bits.


It all boils down to two options : Fashion Tape or Glue.

Fashion Tape is basically a double sided thin tape designed for on skin use, that you attache to the silky inside of your tassels. If you are actually performing and are planning to do some serious tassel twirling you might want to use glue. A skin safe option is eyelash glue. Apply the glue to the inside of your tassel and onto your skin - wait till tacky,then press the tassel firm onto your nipples.

Spirit Gum is also popular but it can irritate the skin and needs to be removed with Spirit Gum remover. While tassels are an essential among burlesque dancers they also moved there way into pinup photo shoots and as part of naughty bedroom attire. What guy is surprised or even excited by a bra these days? Sparkly nipple tassels on the other hand can make his hard skip a few beats, I'm sure!

Twirl it! Show it! Spice it up!


The imagery of vintage pinups created by artists like Armstrong and Elvgren is alive and going strong today more then ever. You can find pinup galleries all over the web where you can purchase reprints of classic pinups and pinup photography. The very first pinup girl pictures from the 1800s were actually of Burlesque dancers. Today more and more stores open up selling pinup fashion and items catering to the growing interest in the pinup style. When I saw my first Pinup Picture , the famous Marilyn Monroe shot that ended up in the first edition of Playboy, I was fascinated with the mixture between sexual energy and girlish innocence. I soon started searching and fell in love with pinup drawings and pinup photography alike.

The idea of dressing up your legs with alluring stockings and creating sexy curves by choosing certain clothes stuck with me and changed the way I interpret "sexy". "Sexy" to me is curvy and just a bit of skin. Not too much, just enough to make yourself feel sexy. Sexy is to have found your very own style and wear your clothes with confidence. The classic Pinups of the 40s and 50s had fun showing off their womanly silhouette but were never vulgar. To get dolled up was part of their everyday morning and evening routine.

MODERN PINUP GIRLS are doing their part in keeping pinup alive.

Pinups like Bernie Dexter pick up where the 50s left us standing in the rain and create their own brand. They might have their own line of merchandise and get payed well for modeling retro style clothing. The most successful modern pinup girls stay true to the look of the classic pinups and mimic their style from head to toe. The classic pinup girl wears pencil skirts, boddy hugging dresses and high heels like the famouspinup model Bettie Page. The classic pin up style is never too reveling and always leaves something to the imagination. It is not about cheap attraction but the art of the tease and flirt. Rockabilly pinup girls added the tattoos for self expression and often pay tribute to their pinup icons by displaying them on their skin. No matter how you look at it, pinup is more popular then ever and naturally got adopted by celebrities like Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and Scarlette Johansen.

Some girls adopted the pin-up girl style as their everyday look of choice and I salute these classy dames! It takes a lot of effort to look like a retro styled pinup girl every day! You go Pinup Girl !

Want some Pinup pictures on your own now?

I'm sure you have heard of


TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHERS WITH AN EYE FOR THE VINTAGE LOOK WE LOVE team up with their favorite Hair & Makeup artist to transform you into a dazzling femme fatale. For a prize they offer their talent and enthusiasm, sometimes a few hot outfits and always a professionally done, authentic pinup girl look. Of course you also get the result of your day of pampering and fun - the photos!

Be it to start your retro pinup model portfolio, have a great present for your man or just a set of fabulous pictures to keep for yourself. It's such a fun service and totally worth the investment. I've done it myself when I first started out and had a blast!

If you are in the Los Angeles area I can recommend


Carol Sheridan and Stacy Lande, a photographer and makeup artist dedicated to the idea that anyone can become a pinup girl! They provide full makeup , light hairstyling, help style your wardrobe and guide you through the pinup poses. They offer their services to very affordable prices and are a fun bunch to hang out with on top of it! Go check'em out at !


Clockwise L-R:

Isla Fisher, Wedding Crashers. Hayden Panettiere, television series Heroes. Rachael Taylor, Transformers. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Grindhouse

With everything alternative and sub-cultural there will be a point where it suddenly spills over into mainstream. The popularity of the pin-up girl has been coming and going in waves since the early days of pinup drawings. Today there is such a thing as a pin-up girl culture and this sub-culture has definitely turned into a pin-up trend. With new upcoming and successful singers like Katy Perry wearing fitted dresses, pencil skirts and polkadot blouses in their videos and on the red carpet the look gets introduced to a more mainstream audience.

The great thing about the pinup style is to me though, that it is a very particular look which needs a lot of attention to detail and a certain knowledge of the days gone bye, that it's not easy for everyone to copy.

Of course a big star like Katy, Scarlett Johanson or Christina Aguilera has a stylist that does all the research for them.

Dressing up, or accessorizing in pinup girl tradition still means standing out from the crowd and braking the mold of the average "of the rack fashion".

So if what you read and hear about pinup appeals to you, go ahead and research a bit more about the girls who started it. Their flair, personal style and hairdo is all part of what made them special and is still great inspiration for all of us girls who love the vintage looks.

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