August 11th 2011

The Peepshop is going through some changes at the moment. We started as a shop exclusively dedicated to everything PINUP but I want my shop to grow with me and in the recent month I decided that I want to present more than just the pinup side of me. My love for vintage fashion goes beyond the pin-up girl style. I adore the 60s with the A line mod dress and big graphic patterns. I enjoy boho style, hippie inspired fashion and I want to present things in my shop that don't fit into a category. I don't live in a niche and I don't want my shop to live in one either :)!

Thank you!



Join the Pinup Girl Fashion Party ! We're having a blast dolling up and so will you!

Check out the YouTube video below that the fabulous Miss Aubrey London put together.

It's half pinup accessory tutorial, half praise of our little shop :) !

'Pinup girl' as a genre, loosely covers an attitude as much as a style. The style is provocative in a sexual yet playful manner.

Pinup fashion has been showcased in art,modeling and fashion. And now the fashion has made an enormous comeback.

One of the biggest influences in the world of vintage pinup girl fashion is what it so nicely accentuates... a woman's curves!

The vintage pinup girls of the 1940's and especially 1950's had some lovely shape to them and that's what pinup fashion of today focuses on.

The Hot Looks of Pinup Girl Fashion are Sure to Turn A Few Heads This Summer

The Pinup fashion look is now as big as ever! With handsome TV shows like Mad Men and Pan Am this the perfect time to try the pinup style yourself.

Ruffles, polka dots and the basic red white and black styles are hot this year!

Independent and corporate designers are reviving elements of pinup fashion and it can be found once again in the mainstream fashion scene.

Some obvious manifestations of pinup fashion can be seen in the return of the classic back seam stocking, sometimes garnished with small bows or ribbons on the back usually placed around the location of the Achilles heel.

This look is usually coupled with a skirt or shorts. Pear that with some black 50's look heels or some nice black vintage dance shoes with a round closed toe and the strap and buckle in the front wich is not too formal but not too casual either.

Nice reproductions or the vintage 'secretary dress' in black stretch bengaline have been made as well as the curvy Paris dress, women's sailor uniforms, and of courese everything polka-dot.

You want to be a Pinup Girl from time to time? Let's start with the make-up:

I won't tell you what to wear- you know that best yourself! I'm not a big fan of business strategies that try to uniform you or make you buy the newest, hippest stuff out there.

But I do love vintage pinups and the fashion style created by the pinups of the 50s and 60s.


The right pair of stockings can change my mood in a minute and a cute, roomie purse can make my day! And this is me - I am a rock-n-roll pin-up model and the owner of the THE PIN UP PEEPSHOP.

There are plenty of fashion "gurus" out there who say the same every season:"It is time to ditch those skinny jeans, baggy pants and hooties ect..."

Loving the pinup style does not mean you have to wear your sexy uniform every day! You don't have to "ditch" anything! I own baggy clothes AND skinny jeans and I love them all! And sometimes I just feel like pulling out all the stops and don those pencil skirts and stockings.

Last season there was an explosion of the Hitchcock Heroine look which was derived from the classic beauties such as Tippi Hedren and Marlene Dietrich. Those gals were the pinups of their time! I personally LOVE that this classy look is coming back!

A defined waist makes the silhouette, a pencil skirt to the knee is the classic coice to show off your curves.

The Pinup Girl is all about the hourglass figure.

Glamorous retro chic gets featured again in new big budget movies like: Black Dahlia with Scarlett Johanson. But the pinup girl style was always alive in a lot of sub-cultures like rockabilly, psychobilly and the garage music scene. Naket pinups grace the arms of rockers and pinup girl clothing has always been in high demand with their girl friends. And then there is of course the revival of the curvaceous style of burlesque.

Yes, emphasise your best bits and give that inner showgirl a dusting off! Weather based on the beautiful Dita Von Teese and her saucy acts of burlesque or the bawdy stripper style that was adapted in the 1930's. While a pinup girl is a beautiful but silent picture, a Burlesque gal is a saucy, loud and vivid show.

The look and the feel - PINUP and the TEESE and the PEEL:

The notion of Burlesque is all about show, so make your outfit perform with glamorous attention to detail and tongue in chic accessories. It is about celebrating the contours of your female body as well as creating them. Don't be affraid to enhance your beautiful curves! Dita Von Teese is a fan of the extravagantly diverse designer Galliano and the wondrous Vivienne Westwood, whose seductively strapless gowns suggest old 1930's and 40's Hollywood glamour which is perfect for the burlesque style.But there are plenty of less expensive option out there.

Here are the escentials: Pencils skirts, waist belts, fitted tops which emphasise the neck line and don't forget the heels. This look is best complimented with a fabulous pair of back seam stockings. The key to the new Burlesque dressing is having several elements to your outfit. Think big and glamorous not minimalism. Add a bit of va va voom to your look by adding slinky gloves, belts and a fabulous clutch. For the vintage pinup nipped-in-waist, it is indeed all about the belt. Elasticated belts will give you the ideal silhouette for the burlesque and the pinup girl image. The net-veiled pillboxe head can be found at good vintage shops and our 'truly vintage' section,and will add a sparkle and authentic value to your look. Having fun with it and finding your own personal style is the key! Back to the shop: THE PIN UP PEEPSHOP


Or do you really wanna get caught without any legwear?? PUTTING YOUR best foot forward can also mean covering your legs with everything from baby doll anklets to 'can-can'' stockings. The current craze is the thigh-high stocking that fashion proportions with itsy-bitsy hot pants or pencil skirts. The thigh-high is an ungainly design that stops just over the knee exposing a 2-to-4-inch section of bare thigh from hemline to stocking top. It looks a little naughty. That's because the thigh-highs resemble the stockings once worn by can-can dancers in Paris' Moulin-Rouge and immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec. To wear thigh-highs takes courage, but they are the hottest look.Period. Tights are still in vogue and even the simple black opaque or full body stocking are coming back. Just think Factory Girl Edie Sedgwick.


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